1. How do I join the Wella Professionals School Program?
    To join, please contact your local School Consultant, or call 1-866-MY-WELLA for more information.


  1. Do you offer different levels of membership enrollment?
    Yes. We offer three:

  • 1-Clairol Membership

  • 2-General Wella Membership

  • 3-Wella Signature Membership*

*Contractual agreement and specific criteria must be met at the Signature Membership level before enrollment is accepted.


  1. Is there an opening-order purchase requirement to join the program?

No. You are immediately enrolled when your school’s information has been submitted to the program.


  1. Is there a minimum yearly product purchase requirement?

  • Clairol Membership level: $1,000 (after discount) per year, per school, of Wella Color Charm and/or Clairol Professional Brands.

  • General Wella Membership level: $6000 (after discount) per year, per school, in Wella, Sebastian, and Nioxin products.

  • Signature Wella Membership level: $20,000 (after discount) per year, per school, in Wella, Sebastian, and Nioxin products.

*Contractual agreement and specific criteria must be met at the Signature Membership level before enrollment is accepted.


  1. I own more than one school. Can all my schools participate in the program?
    Absolutely. When you enroll your schools individually, each school will qualify for the benefits associated with that particular level. An enrollment application is required for each school location. NOTE: Contractual agreement and specific criteria must be met at the Signature Membership level before enrollment is accepted.


  1. I currently own a salon and a school and belong to Global Elite. Can my school continue to belong to Global Elite and the new Wella Professionals School Program?
    Global Elite is a salon-only program that your salon can continue to belong to. The Wella School Program is a school-only program with specific education and tools tailored for your school needs. A school cannot belong to Global Elite and will need to enroll in the new Wella Professionals School Program.


  1. Is this a franchise school program?
    No. We are here to make your school successful. This is a program for schools that want to compete in today's school market with the support of the internationally recognized and respected Wella brand, while keeping the school’s identity and individuality intact. There are no monthly fees.


  1. Who are the School Consultants?
    The School Consultant is your single point of contact for all enrollment, seminar scheduling, and questions pertaining to the school program. To connect with your local School Consultant, please phone 1-866-MY-WELLA.


  1. How will I earn Reward Points?
    You will automatically earn Reward Points* on all your purchases of Wella, Sebastian, Nioxin, and Clairol products. * Points vary by membership level.


  1. Can I pay for benefits using a combination of cash and Reward Points?
    No. Reward Points and dollars cannot be used together for the same purchase.



  1. Who do I contact if the Reward Points do not seem to match up to my purchases?
    Please contact your dedicated School Consultant at 1-866-MY-WELLA. Points are added on the 15th of the month when all accounts are updated.


  1. How can I track my Reward Points?
    Reward Points can be tracked by logging onto: www.wellaschoolprogram.com. You must have a user id and password. You may also phone Customer Care at 1.866.MY.WELLA


  1. How often will Reward Points be updated?
    Reward Points will be updated by the 15th of each month.


  1. What other benefits (besides educational rewards) will I get as a Member of the Wella School Program?
    As a member of Wella School Program, you will also receive a preferred member price on all your Wella, Sebastian, and Nioxin products. Sassoon and Nuts and Bolts program preferred pricing.


  1. How do I schedule educational seminars?
    Please contact your local School Consultant or call 1-866-MY-WELLA.


  1. Who do I contact if I have questions regarding my Wella School Program account?
    If you have questions regarding your Wella School Program account, you may contact your School Consultant or phone our Customer Care department at 1.866.MY.WELLA. Someone will be available to answer your questions between the hours of 9:00 am-5:00 pm ET.


  1. How can I get additional Wella Student Notebooks or tools?
    You can get additional education items by redeeming Reward Points. These are not available for cash purchase.


  1. Is there a limit to how many in-school seminars I can schedule during a year?
    If you have the Reward Points available, you may redeem up to one in-school educational seminar per month. There are no limits on studio events, Sassoon Academy training seminars and/or Nuts and Bolts training, provided you have Reward Points available.


  1. I am already a member of the Clairol School Program. I would like to add Wella products; do I need to "rejoin” (or vice versa)?
    Today, while there are individual, brand-specific membership levels, they can be combined allowing a school to be “dual eligible.” Clairol membership which features all Clairol Professional and Wella Color Charm products, and Wella School Program which features all Sebastian, Nioxin and Wella Exclusive products (Wella Koleston Perfect, Color Touch, Blondor and Color Perfect). If you are interested in carrying products from Clairol & Wella member levels please contact your school consultant for a customized program.


  1. What is the website for the Wella School Program?




  1. How do I buy my Wella, Sebastian, or Nioxin products now that I am a member of the Wella School Program?
    Your local Wella sales consultant can walk you through how you will place your orders.*

*Purchase options below depend on the State in which your school operates.

  • Purchase through Direct Sales Organization Sales Consultant

  • Purchase your products through an authorized Distributor. These authorized distributors are BSG (all branches), and Armstrong McCall.

To find a School Consultant, please call 1-866-MY-WELLA.


  1. If my school purchases $20,000 in Wella, Sebastian and Nioxin products per year, can I join at the Signature Membership level?
    The product purchase level is only one of the criteria that must be met in order to enroll at the Signature Membership level. To enroll as a Signature Member, a contractual agreement is required and specific criteria must be met before enrollment is accepted. Please consult your School Consultant or call 1-866-MY-WELLA for specific contractual information. If a school does not meet these criteria, they can enroll at the General Membership level.


  1. How soon do I begin accumulating Reward Points?
    Your Reward Points begin accumulating when your initial opening order is received. You will accumulate point(s) for every $1.00 you spend.


  1. What do I get for my Reward Points?
    Your accumulated Reward Points can be redeemed for a wide variety of branded tools, and educational rewards, including the popular in-school seminars. You can find them on the www.wellaschoolprogram.com website. Just click on Rewards.